The benefits of the product are:

    • Power O2 REDUCES EMISSION-converts old vehicles from BHARAT/EURO III to BHARAT/EURO VI and above.  
    • Power O2 enables FUEL SAVING: 15 to 20 % fuel saving in all types of vehicles including new vehicles despite congested roads in Metro cities.
    • Power O2 works on all types of fuels like Diesel, Petrol, Methanol, CNG, LPG and Bio diesel.
    • Power O2 ENHANCES POWER because of complete combustion of fuels.
    • Power O2 enables better pick-up and smooth functioning of the engines and negligible maintenance cost.
    • Power O2 reduces emission of harmful elements like Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Methane and Sulfur Dioxide into the environment.

POWER O2 Benefits to Society:

    • Keeps the environment pollution free.
    • Diseases caused by air pollution can be reduced.
    • Conservation of precious crude oil helps in conservation of environment.
    • Indian government can save crores of rupees/dollar on fuel import and Power O2 can help the government to reduce foreign exchange drainage.
    • Old vehicles can be improved to Bharat VI standards; hence old vehicle life will be extended. This will help millions of middle class citizens and especially drivers whose livelihood depends on their cars.
    • Power O2  will help reduce India’s carbon footprint.
    • Power O2 can create employment opportunities for thousands of citizens.