Power O2 works on all types of fuels like Diesel, Petrol, Methanol, CNG, LPG and Bio diesel.

More Benefits

Power O2 helps in longer engine life and drastically reduces the engine maintenance cost and reduces engine breakdowns.

Proposed Work and Achievements

Power O2 was evaluated at ARAI and the result of the evaluation was well above Bharat VI/Euro VI emission levels.


Product was evaluated at NABL Accredited laboratory and the result of the evaluation was well above Bharat VI/Euro VI emission levels.


We are a dedicated team of energy professionals exploring the possibilities of zero emission in both old and new vehicles and also on all Internal Combustion Engines.

After extensive research we have developed a new product. Power O2 is a Pre-Combustion Technology Catalytic Converter.

Power O2 is a patented product which helps to reduce emission substantially and converts all types of vehicles and IC Engines from EURO III /BHARAT III to EURO VI / BHARAT VI stage as per the present emission norms applicable for manufacturing new vehicles in India.

Our Work

We have conducted trials and testing on different types of  I C Engines like cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, generators, excavators, tippers etc. and our gadget works very well on all types of I C Engines.

Our gadget Power O2 has practically negligible maintenance cost. It can be simply washed by water jet spray or compressed air, easily available in garages/petrol pumps.

Our product Power O2 has already been tested on a good number of different types and makes of vehicles successfully over span of a decade with continued R & D and has successfully reached at the present stage


As per various scientific research and reports throughout the world, major air pollution is caused because of incomplete combustion of fuel. With Power O2 fitment when oxygen enriched air in the right quantity is injected into the combustion chamber, it atomizes fuel further to optimum level which  makes ideal air fuel mixture for complete combustion with variations of speed and power.

PowerO2 ensures complete combustion of fuel, resulting in reduced emissions, enhanced power of engine, fuel savings, increased life of engine, reduced maintenance costs, breakdowns etc.

Our Product

Power O2 is a retrofit gadget, which can be fitted on all types of internal combustion engines (ICE). It gives enhanced power and achieves substantial fuel saving. It also reduces emission of harmful elements like Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Methane and Sulfur Dioxide into the environment.

Power O2 pre-combustion technology catalytic converter helps to attain complete combustion by further atomization of fuel in the engine by enriched homogenous mixture of oxygen produced by intermetallic compound embedded inside the gadget. This process makes ideal Air-Fuel mixture for complete combustion.

Power O2 gadget works on all types of fuels such as Petrol, Diesel, CNG, Bio-diesel and mixtures of different types of fuels.

Product Information

POWER O2 is a DISCHARGE EMISSION CONTROL SYSTEM. The main feature of this metal adopter is that it offers improved atomization for optimum combustion of all fuels in finest vapor form on all types of internal combustion engines. Our gadget produces oxygen rich mixture to make the ideal air fuel mixture for all types of fuel for optimum combustion.