We are Carbon Capture Enviro Tech Private Limited (CCET) based in Mumbai, India, an upcoming startup company introducing a breakthrough environment-friendly technology on renewable and clean energy, which is going to help to substantially save all types of fuels on a very large scale. It is not only going to keep the environment pollution free but also save a huge amount of money for our consumers towards fuel expenses. We are bringing an absolutely unique, patented and new technology.

Power O2 is a Pre-Combustion Technology Catalytic Converter. It is a novel patented invention which works on all types of Internal Combustion Engines like bikes, auto rickshaws, cars, trucks,buses, light and heavy commercial vehicles, generators, excavators, piling rigs, tippers etc. It’s a retrofit gadget and the specialty remains that the gadget works on all types of fuels. Petrol, Diesel, CNG, Bio-diesel and mixtures of different types of fuels.

It is completely an external attachment. The gadget is clamped on the exhaust manifold of a vehicle without any alteration in the engine. Servicing is a simple process where machine metal filter can be easily cleaned by water jet for just 30 seconds at any car washing center when you send your vehicle for  car wash.

The Problems That We Are Addressing

1) Skyrocketing fuel prices causing great distress to all car/commercial vehicles/fleet owners
2) Air pollution on the rise especially in Indian metro cities, because of which harmful emission is getting released from vehicles into the atmosphere, contributing more than 90% of air pollution.
3)The regulation for scrapping of old cars for not meeting the revised applicable emission norms can be reconsidered.

Our Unique Solutions

1) Power O2 enables 20% fuel savings (even for semi-congested roads in metro cities) and on highways up to 40-50% fuel savings in all types of old vehicles
2) It gives excellent pick-up, smoother engine performance, extra power, and smooth driving comfort
3) Converts old vehicles from BHARAT III/IV emission norms to BHARAT VI.
4) Successfully evaluated at NABL accredited laboratory (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) where emission results on SKODA Superb Diesel 2013 model achieved at Bharat VI level
5) Cleans existing carbon deposits in the engine and prevents further carbon deposits from taking place
6) Just after the fitment customers can experience huge difference in immediate increase of power with finger touch acceleration. Customers will experience drastic changes in AC cooling, smoother and much lighter engine within the next 20 minutes or the next 3
to 4 km drive
7) It will help our customers to drive on upper gear at lower speed on semi-congested roads in metro cities and on top gear at a speed as low as 35 to 40 km per hour. This will help them to save more fuel as fuel is consumed less on upper gears
8) It helps to achieve less scheduled maintenance costs and break downs

9) It reduces substantial harmful emission and curbs air pollution on congested routes.
10) Due to increased power and pick up, while driving in hilly regions with less oxygen concentration, drivers will not experience any loss of power and momentum.

The life span of the gadget is 5 to 7 years. Car owner customers can easily save INR 4,000 to 5,000 every month on their fuel bills along with other extra benefits in city driving conditions. For cabs cost of the gadget can be recovered easily much earlier on long distance driving vehicles depending upon distance covered by substantial fuel saving per month. The cost of the gadget for heavy vehicles like trucks and buses can be easily recovered very quickly as their monthly fuel expenditures are high and ranges from 2.5 to 4 lakhs every month on long distance routes Truck and bus owners can easily save INR 35,000 to 40,000 every month on their fuel bills.
Power O2 is extremely cost effective and economical in price. It’s ideal for fitting in entire range of engines and it suits everyone’s purse considering the multifaceted benefits of the technology

How it Works

Power O2 pre-combustion technology catalytic converter helps to attain complete combustion by further atomization of fuel in the engine by enriched homogeneous mixture of oxygen produced by inter-metallic compound embedded inside the gadget. This process makes ideal Air-Fuel mixture for complete combustion.

The oxygen enriched air is sucked from the metal adopter POWER O2 to air cleaner for making ideal air fuel mixture in the engine. The oxygen enriched air supplied ensures optimum combustion of fuel.