Power O2 Complete Combustion Technology:

    • Power O2 is a retrofit gadget, which can be fitted on all types of internal combustion engines (ICE). It gives enhanced power and achieves substantial fuel saving. It also reduces emission of harmful elements like Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide, Methane and Sulfur Dioxide into the environment.
    • This pre-combustion technology catalytic converter helps to attain complete combustion by further atomization of fuel in the engine by enriched homogenous mixture of oxygen produced by intermetallic compound embedded inside the gadget. This process makes ideal Air-Fuel mixture for complete combustion.
    • The gadget works on all types of fuels such as Petrol, Diesel, CNG, Bio-diesel and mixtures of different types of fuels.

Product Details:

    • POWER O2 is completely an external attachment and installation of the gadget is extremely simple. It does not involve any alterations to the engine.
    • Our customers can now get an amazing driving experience. The difference in the power can be experienced instantly after fitment of the gadget especially on cars having AC. The engine performance will be much smoother without knocking and jerking.
    • Power O2 helps to save fuel substantially on vehicles , gives extra power, finger touch acceleration, with smooth driving comfort, reduced carbon emissions, less scheduled maintenance cost and break downs.

Concept Summary:

The concept & application of  Pre- Complete Combustion Technology Catalytic Convertor is different than the conventional one. Here the concept is to atomize fuels to the optimum level for Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG, Bio diesel, Methanol and all types of fuel mixtures before combustion in the engine and helps in practically complete combustion in the engine.

Product Information:

    • DISCHARGE EMISSION CONTROL  SYSTEM (POWER O2) facilitates improved atomization for optimum combustion on all fuels in finest vapor form in all types of internal combustion engines.
    • Our gadget produces oxygen rich mixture to make the ideal air fuel mixture for optimum combustion. Our invention PowerO2 can be fitted in all types of internal combustion engines like Automobiles, Generators, Forklifts, Excavators, and Piling Rigs etc.

   Technical Aspects:

    • PowerO2 is a metal adopter having an inter-metallic compound bed embedded in it. The inter-metallic compound bed has a specific predetermined composition of metals for practically complete combustion in all types of internal combustion engines. Saving precious fuels and checking emission to maximum level is only possible when combustion in IC engine is practically complete.
    • The gadget is clamped on exhaust manifold of all IC engines without any alteration of design or components in the engine.

Basic Technical Information:

    • Power O2 is casted from a precise mixture of metals, having a cavity inside it. The atmospheric air gets hot and trapped inside the cavity. The heated air reacts with the metals and converts into enriched mixture of oxygen. This OEA (oxygen enriched air) is injected from the metal adopter to the air intake pipe by a nozzle injector at the suction hole of air filter for air fuel mixture of the ICE without disturbing the flow of natural air suction in the engine. This will ensure maximum combustion of fuel in the most efficient manner.
    • Power O2 is an external attachment adaptor which can be easily fitted on to the exhaust pipe clamping on the exhaust manifold of a vehicle/engine that runs on an Internal Combustion (IC) Engine without altering its design.

How does POWER O2 work?

    • Step 1: Power O2 is clamped on the exhaust pipe nearest to the engine.
    • Step 2: On heating of the exhaust pipe the atmospheric air is sucked inside the adopter which reacts with the inter metallic compound bed inside the machine making the homogeneous mixture of oxygen-enriched air.
    • Step 3: This air is sucked into the engine through the air intake pipe.
    • Step 4: The homogeneous mixture of air when supplied to the engine makes sure the ideal air fuel ratio is achieved.
    • Step 5: The optimum oxygen quantity needed supplied ensures complete combustion and burning of fuel.

Power O2 Arrangements:


  • 102: – Metallic Adopter
  • 104: – Exhaust Pipe
  • 106: – Flexible Inlet pipe
  • 108: – Air filter cabinet
  • 110: – Metallic Adopter outlet
  • 112-A: – Metallic adopter Clamp
  • 112-B: – clamping attachment
  • 114: – Filter
  • 116: – Metallic adopter inlet
  • 118: – Conduction point

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